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Boy and his dad building a red OctoGift! Posted with permission from Jim K. 
boy and dad building octogiftboy filling octogift dispenser

happy boy with octogift


They also made one with our baseball cap lid!

 They also built a blue one with our baseball cap lid accessory! Posted with permission from Jim K.


DIY card makes 96 year old grandmother laugh and smile

Posted with permission from Beth J., Wilmington, NC and Mary S., Avon, CT


“The Octogifts teambuilding initiative at this week’s retreat for my CEO peer group turned out to be a real success. I wanted a fun and unique hands-on activity that we could all do together. This fit the bill perfectly. Plus the company’s backstory -- it was inspired by the friendship between two 11-year-old boys --  makes for great conversation!  I’ll admit I had some doubts since this activity requires patience and manual dexterity. However, there was something for everyone. Some people served as assemblers; others watched and learned, so that they could build their kits later at home with their family.  Everyone engaged in some way, shape, or form. The package includes a thoughtful pack of “emergency supplies” in case you run into assembly snags. Best of all everyone left with a one-of-a-kind keepsake with their company logo. I recommend this for anyone looking for a group activity and a branded gift that’s one-of-a-kind.” Mark, Atlanta, GA



OctoGifts valentine heart candy dispenser gift

We love these boys' smiles! Posted with permission from Rommel in Chula Vista, CA


Graduation card OctoGift candy machine

"I received an octogift for my college graduation and was pleasantly surprised! It was such a cute and thoughtful gift and the design was outstanding. I will definitely display this gift long after the candy is gone " - Alexia, Waban, MA


OctoGifts grandmother heart card

"The quality and workmanship in the OctoGift cards make this gift unique! My mother in law keeps hers on display so she can show her neighbors the clever card her grandchildren gave her. We have ordered several and consider OctoGifts works of art! Thank you!" - Kimberly L., Alpharetta, GA



 cool OctoGifts graduation card

"The OctoGift is one of the coolest gifts I have received...I always have it on display in my room. Thanks OctoGifts!" - Dylan F., Alpharetta, GA 


 OctoGifts thank you coolest card ever

A thank you note received by Kim L., Alpharetta, GA

octogifts heart shaped valentine candy dispenser

"I absolutely love these heart shaped boxes! I bought these for each of my grandchildren for Valentine's Day and they were a hit! They are sturdy and cleverly designed and fun to use." - Nitza C., St. Johns, FL



octogifts heart shaped valentine candy dispenser

"Absolutely unique and beautifully crafted! I added little folded notes instead of candy and my valentine was impressed!" - Emily V., Somerville, MA



Octogifts heart shaped candy dispenser card

"The candy dispenser heart I purchased was well made and works great!" - Elaine S., Appleton, WI


girl with customized personalized candy dispenser card 

One girl added bling from the craft supply aisle!  Posted with permission from Rakhee G., Alpharetta, GA



 OctoGifts graduation candy dispenser greeting card

Posted with permission from Wendy O., Jacksonville, FL



 Octogifts father's day candy dispenser card

Posted with permission from Catherine K., Alpharetta, GA


"I purchased 2 of these at the Decatur art show. One of these was presented to my friend for his birthday. Please find the attached video and photos for your enjoyment. With much appreciation for your talent" - Valerie H., Atlanta, GA


“Octogifts gave me a way to combine my love of chocolate with the feeling I get making special memories with special people in my life” - D., Alpharetta, GA

OctoGifts Sebastian congratulations congrats gift world

Posted with permission from Judi M., Medford, MA


Girl with pink OctoGift candy dispenser card

Her OctoGift is almost empty but her tummy is full. Posted with permission from Lorelei, Jacksonville, FL


"I sent 2 candy dispenser kits to my parents, as a unique craft project that they could do together while they stayed at home during the pandemic. They had a lot of fun assembling and filling the dispensers with jellybeans, and they were amazed that the paper dispensers worked so perfectly." - Karen C., Alpharetta, GA