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boy and dad building octogiftboy filling octogift dispenser

happy boy with octogift


They also made one with our baseball cap lid!

- Posted with permission from Jim K., August 15, 2020


"WAY better than using the iPad!" - my 8 yo

three kids with OctoGifts DIY cards keepsakes handmade

"What better reward than a functioning candy machine at the end of a project?! Santa delivered the Holiday Pack. It was a GREAT activity for parents and kids ages 8-12ish. Older kids could complete it on their own. My 12 year old was really proud of himself—I could tell by the held-back smile. My 8 year old was so excited for her turn and she LOVED it! We worked before bed, then the next day she got up early, got dressed, and got right to work to finish. She said, 'This is WAY better than using the iPad!' We are so happy that Santa has a direct connection to OctoGifts ;-). "

- Kristin, Suwanee, GA, January 14, 2021


Memorable surprise for my 96-year-old mom


DIY card makes 96 year old grandmother laugh and smile

- Posted with permission from Beth J., Wilmington, NC and Mary S., Avon, CT - 8/4/2020


The BEST Activity for Kids (and Adults) of All Ages

"After participating in an event that featured Octogifts and hearing the story of development directly from the company's young founder/ inventor, our organization, the International Children's Advisory Network, Inc. (iCAN) placed an order to share to our attendees from around the world. This unique and creative product endlessly inspires innovation and supports STEM development, all while supplying engagement and fun. As a bonus, completed Octogifts will remain a fun and useful dispenser tool for mini toys, marbles, gum, and candy. It is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Thank you Octogifts for supporting young innovators!"

- Amy, Pinckney, MI, June 2, 2021


The BEST Activity for Kids (and Adults) of All Ages

"I purchased two of the Graduate Octogifts for two of my grandchildren that were graduating from high school. Both have much younger siblings. I told them they would be nice 'big kid/little kid' projects. Both agreed. With all the focus on their graduation, the little kids felt left out -- not now. (Of course there was a check slipped into each Octogift to incentivize them to quickly take a closer look!)"

- Tom, Cumming, GA, May 29, 2021


Very cool keepsake!

"This ended up being a great gift & very unique item! The instructions & design are awesome. It does take a long time & some solid patience/attention to detail to get it put together correctly. Glad we bought it."

- Brian, Cumming, GA, May 25, 2021


Unique, awesome, and fun to build!

"I can't say enough good things about this product from Octogifts. I was looking for a unique birthday gift for each of my elderly parents who have everything. Octogifts to the rescue! They both have favorite candy which made it perfect to give them each their own gumball machine. We are also very impressed by the creator and how Octogifts was started. Best of all...they are super easy and fun to build! I will definitely be ordering more gumball machines from Octogifts!"

- Marissa, Tewksbury, MA, February 3, 2021



"Everything about my experience with this company was amazing from the time I placed the order to when I received it! I bought this for my STEAM classroom because I want my DK, K, and first grade students to know that you can create anything you have a vision for. Knowing a boy created the gumball machine will motivate my students. Thank you so much!"

- Elana, Lansing, MI, July 27, 2020


Great gift for a boy who loves origami

"This was a great purchase. The gift was given to a 11 year old boy who has a passion for origami. He loved filling it with candy and making use of it immediately but it also sparked an interest in other mechanical paper craft. THANK YOU!"

- Laura C., May 8, 2020


Both my kids loved it! 

"I purchased one of each of these for each of my two children (11 & 16) as a unique Valentine's Day present. My younger son loves origami, so I expected him to like it, but I was worried that my big girl would find it cheesy. They both LOVED IT! They thought it was (and it is) so cool. Great product! Highly recommended!! 😀."

- Jason, Marietta, GA, February 19, 2020


A lasting memory

"I gave my grand kids two of Sebastian's hearts for Valentine's Day. They loved them. Their moms, who are both very 'crafty,' marveled at them and couldn’t believe their quality, the design, and the construction. When I told them who made them and how old he was, they were even more impressed! I am sure that the hearts will create a long-lasting memory for everyone. The hearts are definitely a five star, unique gift."

- Tom, Cumming, GA, February 15, 2020


Great personalized gift for a sports fan

"I purchased one for a family member for their birthday and it was a hit. We added a sticker from his favorite football team and filled it with his favorite candy. Would also make a great gift for teacher presents - you could personalize them for their schools."

- Shannon M., Cumming, GA, July 23, 2020


Amazing candy dispenser!

"I bought three of the kits to make the candy dispensers. They arrived quickly. I put together the first one a few days ago. The directions were very complete. I was impressed with the mechanics of the candy dispenser and would highly recommend this to others! My son, who is going to school for mechanical engineering, thought it was pretty cool. I can't wait to share this with my students when we return to school!"

- Kathleen G., Johnson City, NY, June 10, 2020


My parents loved building OctoGifts together

"I sent 2 candy dispenser kits to my parents, as a unique craft project that they could do together while they stayed at home during the pandemic. They had a lot of fun assembling and filling the dispensers with jellybeans, and they were amazed that the paper dispensers worked so perfectly."

- Karen C., Alpharetta, GA, May 2020


Perfect customized interactive gift for graduates

"I ordered 25 DIY Gumball Machine cards for my 19 graduating students and their 6 teachers. The cards were a HUGE hit! They arrived quickly with all of the instructions and customized stickers that I was able to personalize for each card. Combined with custom m&ms (in school colors), everyone LOVED the cards, especially since they were able to construct them themselves. This gift is now a new tradition as part of our graduation gift bags. I highly recommend them. Thank you so much, Sebastian and Melanie!"

- Tara, Boston, MA, July 1, 2020


Fun nightstand treasure for my college grad

"I heard about Octogifts through a Facebook group for MIT women at a time when I was searching for ways to make a virtual college graduation special for my daughter. I ordered one in her school color and filled it with gumballs. We were able to quickly assemble the gift and it made my heart smile to see the process followed for creating these treasures -- so clever. Loved the gift and loved supporting this kind of creativity."

- Noramay, North Hills, CA, July 21, 2020


Fun project

"My girls loved building these gumball machines themselves and needed very little help from my husband or I. Great project!"

- A.M., Lake Havasu City, AZ, May 20, 2020


Unique and Lasting Gift

"I gave an Octogift to my son for his graduation and he loved it. I was looking for a gift that was unique and would last. Something he could take to college with him yet is not too bulky. The customer service was also excellent. They made sure the card was just right and it shipped quickly. If you are trying to decide if this is the right purchase for you then think about how it will make the other person feel when they receive this unique gift."

- Robert, Atlanta, GA, June 18, 2020


Fun and Unique Hands-on Activity for Groups

“The Octogifts teambuilding initiative at this week’s retreat for my CEO peer group turned out to be a real success. I wanted a fun and unique hands-on activity that we could all do together. This fit the bill perfectly. Plus the company’s backstory -- it was inspired by the friendship between two 11-year-old boys --  makes for great conversation!  I’ll admit I had some doubts since this activity requires patience and manual dexterity. However, there was something for everyone. Some people served as assemblers; others watched and learned, so that they could build their kits later at home with their family.  Everyone engaged in some way, shape, or form...Best of all everyone left with a one-of-a-kind keepsake with their company logo. I recommend this for anyone looking for a group activity and a branded gift that’s one-of-a-kind.”

- Mark, Atlanta, GA, 9/21/2020


Thoughtful Invention, Thoughtful Gift!

OctoGifts valentine heart candy dispenser gift

"What a great collectable, and makes eating candy even more fun! Also, such an inspiration for my younger boys to see the innovation, creativity, business savvy, and follow through they can achieve!"

- Posted with permission from Rommel in Chula Vista, CA, Feb. 8, 2020


Cute, Thoughtful and Fun to Display

Graduation card OctoGift candy machine

"I received an octogift for my college graduation and was pleasantly surprised! It was such a cute and thoughtful gift and the design was outstanding. I will definitely display this gift long after the candy is gone "

- Alexia, Waban, MA, June 11, 2020


My mother-in-law keeps it on her mantel!

OctoGifts grandmother heart card

"The quality and workmanship in the OctoGift cards make this gift unique! My mother in law keeps hers on display so she can show her neighbors the clever card her grandchildren gave her. We have ordered several and consider OctoGifts works of art! Thank you!"

- Kimberly L., Alpharetta, GA, July 8, 2020


I keep it on display in my room

 cool OctoGifts graduation card

"The OctoGift is one of the coolest gifts I have received...I always have it on display in my room. Thanks OctoGifts!"

- Dylan F., Alpharetta, GA, August 5, 2020


He even brought it to college with him

 OctoGift hit card homemade candy dispenser graduation gift

- Posted with permission from Jen F., Alpharetta, GA, August 13, 2020


The coolest gift I've ever received

OctoGifts thank you coolest card ever

- Posted with permission from Kimberly L., Alpharetta, GA, July 2019


A hit with my grandkids

octogifts heart shaped valentine candy dispenser

"I absolutely love these heart shaped boxes! I bought these for each of my grandchildren for Valentine's Day and they were a hit! They are sturdy and cleverly designed and fun to use."

- Nitza C., St. Johns, FL, February 22, 2019


My Valentine was impressed

octogifts heart shaped valentine candy dispenser

"Absolutely unique and beautifully crafted! I added little folded notes instead of candy and my valentine was impressed!"

- Emily V., Somerville, MA, February 15, 2019


My husband put it on display in the kitchen

Octogifts heart shaped candy dispenser card

"The candy dispenser heart I purchased was well made and works great!"

- Elaine S., Appleton, WI, February 16, 2019


Fun to Personalize

girl with customized personalized candy dispenser card 

- Posted with permission from Rakhee G., Alpharetta, GA, August 2019


A graduation hit

OctoGifts graduation candy dispenser greeting card

- Posted with permission from Wendy O., Jacksonville, FL, May 30, 2019


Much more unique and lasting than a card

 Octogifts father's day candy dispenser card

- Posted with permission from Catherine K., Alpharetta, GA, June 3, 2019


So cute!!!

"I purchased 2 of these at the Decatur art show. One of these was presented to my friend for his birthday. Please find the attached video and photos for your enjoyment. With much appreciation for your talent."

- Posted with permission from Valerie H., Atlanta, GA, January 17,  2020


Chocolate + loved ones go great together

“Octogifts gave me a way to combine my love of chocolate with the feeling I get making special memories with special people in my life."

- D., Alpharetta, GA, May 20, 2020


A note from a fan

fan mail message etsy OctoGifts inspiring inspirational

- From a student fan, February 6, 2020


And another note from a fan

OctoGifts Sebastian congratulations congrats gift world

- Posted with permission from Judi M., Medford, MA, June 17, 2019


Excited to fill this up with candy!

Girl with pink OctoGift candy dispenser card

- Posted with permission from Lorelei, Jacksonville, FL, August 25, 2019


Fun and clever

"It arrived on time for me to give it as part of a present! It is so well made and a fun idea! What a clever idea! I am ready to place another order!!"

- Diane H., Marietta, GA, September 4, 2019


This innovative card is a keeper

"My husband loved it for Father's Day. We were very happy with the quality and the craftmanship. I hate spending money on cards...but this one is a keeper."

- Dawn B., Alpharetta, GA, July 30, 2019


We're still refilling them months later!

"I ordered 2 of these clever heart dispensers and my son and husband absolutely loved them! They are so well made that we are still refilling them since Valentines Day. These dispensers are a great gift for all ages and to support a budding entrepreneur is an added plus!"

- Vee K., Woodland, CA, June 10, 2020


Fun and colorful candy dispenser

"The candy dispenser arrived as promised. It was just as cute as the picture. I put a mixture of M&M and Skittles inside just to add a moment of surprise to my family’s palate. My 3 boys and my husband couldn’t tell the difference until they bit into them and got a pleasant surprise. I see them fill up the dispenser often as they can’t get enough of the candies and have more fun when the candies come out from the cute octogifts candy dispenser. I strongly recommend this as a gift to everyone of all ages."

- Vivian N., Upper Saddle River, NJ, June 30, 2020



"Gave as a birthday present for 11 YO. She was able to put it together and it works great! Only wish is that the candy dispense would be a bit smaller. Would work great for gumball or jaw breakers, but dispenses alot of M&Ms and skittles! Its super cute and was a very fun surprise!"

- Laura K., Castle Pines, CO, June 13, 2020


Great for the people in your life who already have everything!

"Great Father's Day gift!...The packaging was adorable and the personalized card was a nice bonus. Will definitely refer to my friends."

- Kathy, Alpharetta, GA, June 18, 2019


These cards are so innovative and cool!

"My husband loved his unique Father's Day candy card! It really works! Will definitely order again!"

- Briana, Alpharetta, GA, June 19, 2019 


Nice work!

"I got one for my husband for Father's day. He and the kids both really enjoyed it. We are both mechanical engineers, so it was really cool to see the construction."

- Julia, Cambridge, MA, June 28, 2019


Cute and stylish

"The father's day candy dispenser was a hit! It's cute and stylish and it gives skittles as a treat! What a fun product. Great work Sebastian!"

- Anne, Newton, MA, July 20, 2019


Absolutely ingenious

"My children were delighted by the design of it, as was my husband who loved the candy inside LOL. Thank you for your creativity and prompt shipment!!!"

- Diana, Wellesley, MA, February 18, 2019


I love this candy dispenser card

"My husband and I will enjoy eating some peanut m&m's tonight. It's well made and fun to use."

- Julie, Drexel Hill, PA, February 14, 2019