Special Grads Deserve Special Cards


OctoGift graduation card

Here's how to give them a graduation card they'll love keeping: 

1. Choose a gumball machine card DIY kit here in red, black, navy blue, or purple

2. Choose a Graduation Upgrade DIY kit here in the same color.

3. (Optional) Choose window stickers for your card. 

4. Place your order. 

5. Build it! Team up with the graduate's younger sibling to make the gift and the experience even more meaningful. 


If you're all thumbs or short on time, choose "Fully Assembled" for both 1 and 2 above and we'll build it for you! 


Things You Might be Wondering About:

Allow 1-2 hours for assembly. Here's a 36 second video clip of the process!  

Everything's precut except for the funnel, which is super easy to cut out yourself.

You supply glue, scissors, tape, ruler, tweezers, a toothpick, and candy for filling the card.

Check out our FAQ page for more info.