Q: How do you fill the dispenser?

A: See above video for how to use the specially designed funnel (included with every purchase!). Or you can fill it by hand. We find it hard not to eat the candy as we're doing that, though! 

Q: Is Sebastian doing this all by himself?

A: His parents, Melanie and Trinidad, and older brother TJ provide critical behind-the-scenes support. 

Q: How did you come up with the name OctoGifts?

A: The octopus is one of Sebastian's favorite animals, and he has always enjoyed making cards and gifts for others. So he combined the words octopus and gift, and when he discovered that the domain name and social media handles were available, we snagged them.

Q: I see pictures of other cards but I don't see them in your catalog. Why is that?

A: Our inventory varies with the season and with demand. We make all our cards by hand, often in batches over the weekend. We update our inventory regularly.

Q: What other designs are you planning? 

A: We've got a lot of ideas brewing. You can find out when new products hit our shelves by following us on Facebook and subscribing to our newsletter.

Q: Why don't you include the candy? 

A: You are the best person to fill the dispenser, because you know best what that special someone likes and you can get the freshest candy available!  By not including candy, we keep inventory simple, reduce shipping costs, and eliminate the risk of you opening a package with melted candy (or ants if it is left outside).

Q: What kind of candy works best?

Candy that is smooth, coated, rounded, and up to 5/8" diameter. M&Ms, Skittles, and jelly beans work best.

Q: What kinds of candies are not recommended for use in the dispenser?

Candies larger than 5/8" diameter will not fit in the opening. 

Very small candies, such as Nerds, and candy that is not smooth or round, such as candy hearts and Runts, tend to jam the machine.   

Chocolates and candies with sugar coatings will leave buildup inside the machine, making it look dirty. 

Q: Can I put something other than candy in the dispenser?

A. Standard size pony beads work well. Some customers have reported success with nuts, but be aware that nuts can leave residue. Paper clips tend to get jammed. Marbles are smooth and round, but they are heavy and can deform the machine

Q: How much candy is needed to fill a dispenser card? 

A. About 1 cup to fill it completely.  A 3.1 ounce movie theater-sized box of M&Ms is about 1/2 cup.  Some people prefer the look of a half-filled dispenser because it makes it easier to see the window stickers (if present) and the inside of the card.

Q: Can I have you write the message on the back of the card for me, and send it directly to my special friend or loved one? 

A: We intentionally ship all our cards with a blank message sticker because a message in your handwriting adds that special unique touch that only you can provide. No text or preprinted message will ever provide the connection you feel when you hold something in your hand that has a loved one's writing on it. You see the flourishes unique to their penmanship, like the way they dot their i's, or the way a small child might write letters backwards. We're not about to take that  away.

Q: Can you offer window stickers for the heart-shaped card? 

A: While we do offer window stickers for some of our designs, we don't offer it for the heart-shaped card because we feel it looks too cluttered. 

Q: Are these manufactured in a nut-free or gluten-free environment?

A: We use best practices for home-based manufacturing, but we cannot guarantee a nut-free or gluten-free environment.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: You can find it here

Q: What are your shipping and lead times?

A: You can find that information here


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