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What a fun conversation!

We had a blast recently on the podcast Making It In The Toy Industry, hosted by Azhelle Wade.

A patent holding and award winning executive in the toy biz, Azhelle provides educational resources for aspiring toy innovators and entrepreneurs.

Key takeaways from the conversation, as summarized by Azhelle:

💥 Re-invest in your business! Sebastian took his first profits and re-invested into machinery that would make production a whole lot easier.

💥 As a kid, you KNOW what toys you want. If you have an idea, trust your instinct and go for it.

💥 Customer discovery calls may not be fun but they are necessary and really useful.

💥 It can be hard to stop working when your work is at home, but you've got to make time to be a kid too.

We also share what it's like to work together as parent and child.

Here's a 33 second sound bite of Sebastian sharing his first business decision:


For more insight, check out the 32 minute podcast with your kids! Find it here:


Both Azhelle and I enjoyed building houses and villages out of paper when we were young girls. Here's a related activity your kids can enjoy this holiday weekend, courtesy of British architecture studio Foster + Partners! They've created templates kids can print out, color, and use to build their own paper cities. Share your creations on social media using the #architecturefromhome hashtag!



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