How to Win Girls' Hearts with STEM

TEDxAlpharettaWomen girls in STEM Melanie Flores talk

"You're such a nerd. No one likes you."

Middle school was social hell for me. Yet somehow my nerdiness (and love for STEM) survived intact.

At TEDxAlpharettaWomen, I shared the three reasons why.

This talk is for:
- Parents struggling to support their daughter’s interest in STEM
- STEM educators hungry for more engagement from female students
- Anyone seeking practical, actionable ideas for encouraging girls in STEM

But most of all, it’s for that young girl who’s facing relentless peer pressure to dim her light or dumb herself down to fit in...because I was once in your shoes.

You can check out the talk here:

This blog post has links to all the resources mentioned in the talk:

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