OctoGifts Learns How to Create a Delivery Blueprint on the Business Infrastructure.TV show

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Do you follow recipes, or do you just dive into meal prep?

"Winging it" might work for your own dinner, but if you want to be able to improve and scale a business process, you must develop and follow a standard operating procedure (SOP).  

Once that's in place, you can identify opportunities to make your process more efficient. 

Sebastian, his brother TJ, and I have spent countless hours writing SOPs for OctoGifts. Now it's time to figure out where we can streamline our procedures.

That's why we were thrilled to be invited onto the Business Infrastructure.TV show. Our host was Alicia Butler Pierre, CEO of Equilibria and the bestselling author of Behind the Façade: How to Structure Company Operations for Sustainable Success.

You can check the show out here: https://youtu.be/-jGD_DySYm4

In the first ~14 minutes, Sebastian shares our story and shows you some of his products. I also give you a peek at the components that go into our baseball cap-shaped lid DIY kits.

Then we roll our sleeves up. Ever heard of a Service Delivery Blueprint? It's a holistic view of the work required to provide a service or product. Alicia explains how to create one and shares nuggets of wisdom throughout the episode. 

At timestamp 50:50, Alicia recaps the steps to make a Service Delivery Blueprint in a universal way so that other business owners can apply the learnings. She also summarizes them in this LinkedIn post

Sebastian and I are grateful to Alicia for inviting us onto the show for a live consultation. We hope that other small business owners also benefit from the session.

If you prefer listening, here is a link to the podcast with show notes:


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  • This warms my heart so much! Glad to hear how useful the Service Delivery Blueprint is to scaling OctoGifts’ kitting process.

    Alicia Butler Pierre

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