How to Create a Space for Inventive Kids

DIY wolverine claw crossbow craft sticks kid invention engineering notebook

Happy Inventors Day!

"Inventors can be from any background, have a variety of experience and be any age!" -- April Mitchell

As a military spouse, April Mitchell has moved a LOT.

Every time the family relocated, they had to find new solutions for storage....and with four kids, door hooks were never at the right height for everyone.

That ultimately inspired her to design an adjustable door hook which is now available on Amazon

In this short video clip, April shares how she set up a space for her children to be creative. She knows what she's doing! In addition to the adjustable door hook, she and her kids have successfully created and licensed other products. You can read more about her family's invention journey here

One of April's secrets is to give her children notebooks. I could not agree more!

The picture above is of two pages from Sebastian's notebook. 

The resulting claw and crossbow prototypes are below:

prototype DIY wolverine claw crossbow

They actually worked! 

Click on the links in this blog post to see videos of the Wolverine claw and the crossbow in action:

Kids will amaze you with their creativity when given the time, tools, and space to develop it. 

Even children as young as five and six can keep notebooks. Here are some examples from brilliant little kids.

Happy inventing!

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