How Do You Know When You're Really an Inventor?

Sebastian and Andrew Krauss on InventRight YouTube interview


This exchange between our 15-year-old son and Andrew Krauss, cofounder of inventRight, got me thinking. 

Sebastian: "My favorite part of [OctoGifts] is designing them...I like the idea of having sketches of something that I then can turn into a real physical thing that I can hold." 

Andrew (nodding): "I always say that if artists don't sell their artwork...what's the point? Then you're just sitting in your garage and doing artwork...and for inventors you want people to buy your product and enjoy it...that's when you're really an inventor." 

Seeing yourself as an artist, inventor, or entrepreneur is undoubtedly the first step towards making it a reality.

But what cements it is when you put your work out in the world and *someone else* sees its value. 

Many thanks to Andrew and Stephen Key (best-selling author of One Simple Idea) for inviting Sebastian onto your YouTube show. With 51K subscribers to inventRight.TV, this conversation was an amazing opportunity for him! 


1:35 how Sebastian came up with the idea of OctoGifts
6:10 similarities to IKEA business model
7:00 manufacturing operations
9:12 being pushed out of your comfort zone 
10:40 long term goals
13:30 how do you know when you're really an artist or inventor?
16:00 Sebastian's advice for budding entrepreneurs

Check out the conversation here!

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