Halloween sparks creativity!

DIY claw machine Halloween costume

Halloween's great for inspiring creativity in people of all ages! 

Sebastian's favorite material for Halloween costumes is....cardboard. Surprised? Probably not. Whenever we get big packages, we save the cardboard! 

He's always relished designing his own costumes.

The claw machine costume above was his costume in 2017. He designed it himself. We bought string lights online and he fashioned a "claw" from cardboard and aluminum foil. (The claw wasn't functional.)

Halloween DIY claw costume

Sebastian typically starts thinking about his Halloween costume around August or September, and then launches into production mode in October. 

In October 2018, I arrived home one day to find this blocking the driveway. 

 DIY Halloween roller coaster machine in progress

Two weeks later, it was complete.

DIY Halloween roller coaster costume

Here he is working on his costume from 2019.

adding LED lights to mask

And here is the completed costume.

DIY Halloween costume being carried in a box

For this year, we considered building a GIANT OctoGift gumball machine and setting it by our front door. How fun would it be to turn the dial and dispense your own treat? We also thought of putting a giant cardboard cutout of an OctoGift out there, and cutting a hole in it so you could stick your face in it and have someone snap a picture of you. However, given the pandemic and the fact that we're juggling holiday orders and TEDxAlpharettaWomen prep, we scrapped both ideas.

Instead we're going to look for other options...perhaps we'll find a haunted car wash near us. One family in Troy, MI built a candy chute for dispensing candy to trick or treaters. Another family in Rhode Island built a catapult

Have a safe and creative Halloween, all!

P.S. we are now taking preorders for our Holiday offerings here!

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