Fresh, Fun, and Memorable: Holiday OctoGifts are Here!

Holiday OctoGifts DIY cards keepsakes

Like many families, we enjoy baking cookies, decorating our home, and making gingerbread houses for the holidays. This year, we're adding a fresh new tradition: making holiday-inspired OctoGifts DIY kits together. We have them displayed on our mantel! 

Sebastian enjoys coming up with new designs and shapes for OctoGifts. Here he is prototyping the snowman hat. 

snowman hat OctoGift DIY card keepsake candy dispenser

He spent a lot of time figuring out how to make the bottom of the snowman. He ended up designing a "skin" that attaches to the bottom of a gumball machine. It's sort of like installing a case over your cell phone. Below is a picture of his first snowman prototype. 

OctoGifts DIY card keepsake gift snowman

You can see how the jacket fits onto the base in this one second video of his first prototype.

Here is a 7 second video of the completed snowman OctoGift dispensing candy. 

We are excited to share these with you and hope that they become a beloved tradition for your friends and family too. 

You can get your Holiday Pack here!

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