Fired? Sort of....and it's a good thing

sebastian holding package to ship to UPS


Sebastian shipping his first order since firing me as his partner. 

OK, I haven’t been truly “fired” -- just “demoted.” Or maybe “reassigned” is the right word?

Normally I help him fulfill orders, but this time he asked me NOT to help him unless he asked.

At his request, I’m dialing back my involvement to give him more room to figure things out on his own and learn from his own mistakes.  

I'll always be here for him if he needs me, and will continue to help with select responsibilities (including social media posts like this one).

It was not an easy conversation for parent/child, much less business partners, but it was one we needed to have...and it opens the door for incredible growth for both of us.

So how did he broach the subject with me? Find out here:

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