A Heartwarming Story of Love, Caring, and Connection

 TJ and Sebastian 2015

When he was 11, Sebastian's older brother TJ missed a cut for New England swim championships by a hair.

It would have been his first time advancing to championships, and he had been working hard all season to improve his technique.

He was crushed.

Sebastian was 8 at the time. Seeing how dejected his brother was, he scrounged around in our recycling bin and cobbled together a DIY trophy and a plaque for him out of a water bottle, bottle cap, sample size plastic cup, paper, and cardboard.

handmade swim trophy from 8 year old boy to his 11 year old brother

It meant the world to TJ. 

Now 17, he *still* has this heartfelt, handmade gift from his little brother.

Love, caring, and human connection keep us going in dark times. In this Good Life Coach Podcast episode, I share the role they've played in my own journey towards founding OctoGifts with Sebastian, as well as: 

  1. What to consider before going into business with your child
  2. How your life story might seem much more connected when you look back
  3. How a near-death experience fuels my work 

Many thanks to Michele Lamoureux, The Good Life Coach, for having me!

You can listen to the interview here.  


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