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"Thank you for my candy dispenser! It might be the coolest gift I've ever received!" - Holly T.  


A Great Gift for All Ages

"I sent 2 candy dispenser kits to my parents, as a unique craft project that they could do together while they stayed at home during the pandemic. They had a lot of fun assembling and filling the dispensers with jellybeans, and they were amazed that the paper dispensers worked so perfectly." - Karen C.

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What people are saying about us

I received an Octogift for my college graduation and was pleasantly surprised! It was such a cute and thoughtful gift and the design was outstanding. I will definitely display this gift long after the candy is gone.

Alexia, Waban, MA

I bought three of the kits to make the candy dispensers...The directions were very complete. I was impressed with the mechanics of the candy dispenser and would highly recommend this to others! My son, who is going to school for mechanical engineering, thought it was pretty cool. 

Kathleen G., Johnson City, NY

This was a great project! My girls loved building these gumball machines themselves and needed very little help from my husband or I.

Autumn M., Lake Havasu City, AZ

I was searching for ways to make a virtual college graduation special for my daughter. I ordered one in her school color and filled it with gumballs from Target. We were able to quickly assemble the gift and it made my heart smile to see the process followed for creating these treasures -- so clever. Loved the gift and loved supporting this kind of creativity.

Noramay C., North Hills, CA

This is absolutely ingenious! My children were delighted by the design of it, as was my husband who loved the candy inside LOL. Thank you for your creativity and prompt shipment!!

Diana T., Wellesley, MA

I gave an Octogift to my son for his graduation and he loved it. I was looking for a gift that was unique and would last. Something he could take to college with him yet is not too bulky.

Robert J., Atlanta, GA

I am so happy with this purchase! I received these adorable,well constructed candy dispensers for graduation gifts. I am sure the recipients will enjoy them tremendously. Thank you, Sebastian! May your gift of creativity continue to make people smile 😊!

Wendy O., Jacksonville, FL

So clever and my 3 big kids (ages 12, 12 & 15) all loved their candy filled cards and thought the dispensing mechanism was super cool! Thanks for making Valentine's Day fun and easy for me this year!

Rachel W., Westford, MA

It’s an actual working candy dispenser! Much more unique and lasting than a card that gets thrown in the trash. 

Catherine K., Alpharetta, GA

"A great idea for the people in your life who already have everything!" - Kathy H.

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